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Eddy kites have been a long time favorite.  Their diamond shape has been used as an icon by many organizations including the American Kitefliers Association (AKA).  The kite was designed by William Abner Eddy in the late 1800s.
Unfortunately this diamond kite had an unhappy ending.  Don't let this happen to you!  Be aware of your surroundings in relationship to the wind direction.  Below is a chart you can use to get an idea of wind speed:

1-3     mph      Light Air (smoke drifting/flag moving slightly)
4-7     mph      Light Breeze (leaves and small branches moving)
8-12   mph      Gentle Breeze (flag extended/smoke drifting)
13-18 mph      Moderate Breeze (light loose items moving along the ground)
19-24 mph      Fresh Breeze (larger tree branches moving)
25-31 mph      Strong Breeze (difficult to walk against the wind)

Generally the perfect flying conditions are in the 8-12 mph range.  In higher winds, you may want to consider another activity and leave the kite bag at home!